This is a high school writing course designed to help Year 7/ 8 students develop and improve their writing skills for both classroom assignments and exams (e.g., NAPLAN) in English.


The course covers the three main text types outlined in the Australian National Curriculum: imaginative, informative, and persuasive writing. It covers the writing process, elements of effective writing, writing for different purposes and audiences, language conventions, working with sources and avoiding plagiarism, and evaluating and improving one's own writing.


The course includes weekly writing prompts and model answers to guide students in constructing their own responses. Lessons will be 90 minutes long and will include homework reviews, analysis of writing prompts, and practice in different writing techniques. This course is designed to be fast-paced, engaging, and filled with valuable learning content.

Time Zones in Sydney

Session 1 Sunday 7-8.30pm


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